Staying Nimble and Creative

“No matter how many plans you make or how much in control you are, life is always winging it.”

-- Carroll Bryant

Dear One,

I love a plan. I perhaps forget to relax and enjoy sometimes because I get too focused on the plan. But my love of planning works well for me much of the time. It works when I'm organizing a busy autumn schedule. It's helpful when I'm lining up the details of a vacation. It definitely works when I'm figuring out how to shoehorn the 25th guest around the table at Christmas. 

But summer. Sweet summer doesn't lend itself to my preferred level of planning. Summer requires more ease, more give, more spontaneity. Dinner at dusk because it was the perfect evening for mowing the lawn? No problem. Bike ride turns into a paddle because the loons are calling? All good. 

When I cannot be in charge of the schedule, I like to have other, smaller ducks in a row. It makes me feel ready for anything.

This fabulous, zippery, little project bag is just one of those ducks I was talking about. It's a wet/dry bag called the Swet Bag and it's pretty life-changing. The fact that it keeps my knitting dry and safe means that I can be a more grab-and-go kind of a girl this summer. I'm sure it's not designed to be a project bag, but it is a great one. The manufacturer suggests that you use it for wet swim suits, sweaty gear, and dirty laundry. And you should absolutely use it for those things. But get one for your yarny projects as well.

The first photo shows the charming Crochet Funk print--mod, little granny squares--and this one shows me using the Blue Knit print--gorgeous cables in blue and white. You can see that the size is generous (14"x18"), but the Swet Bag rolls up small enough to fit in your palm. Of course, that assumes it's ever actually empty!

Here's to "winging it" a bit more this summer. And, if you're anything like me, planning ahead in order to be ridiculously spontaneous.