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10 Year in the Making
10 Year in the Making
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Kate Davies thoughtfully reflects on a decade in design in her anniversary collection of eighteen beautiful patterns. Mixing innovative brand-new work like Sterntaucher and Fleckit with classic re-releases such as Carbeth and Paper Dolls, all patterns are written in Kate’s signature clear style across an inclusive size range. There are twelve different pullovers and cardigans to choose from, including simple-to-knit styles such as the Evendoon pullover and cardigan alongside the enjoyable cable challenges posed by Wryit or Tree Tram Tro. Yet Kate’s hallmark is perhaps her work with colour, and this collection abounds with bold designs of many hues, including yoke sweaters, a cosy hoody, mitts, cowl, hats and slippers, and the graphic Sterrie blanket with its simple, contemporary feel. *18 patterns *4 classic re-releases (Owls, Paper Dolls, Carbeth and Carbeth Cardigan) *14 brand new designs *inclusive size range

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Gaby Peterson

Gaby has a biology degree and met her husband at chemistry camp... but her real love is the written word. She's a native Minnesotan, but has lived in Massachusetts, Virginia, and South Carolina along the way. Her favorite knitting buddy is Mabel the cat. 

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Kelly Momsen

Kelly has completed 20 marathons and hails from the Iron Range in Northern Minnesota (hence her Canadian accent), but she and her twin now live 6 blocks away from each other in Winona. She loves horses, playing the drums, and taking sauna with her husband and son. 

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