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"Life is the best party I've ever been invited to."

Arlene Francis

Dear One,

I feel like we have reached the yarny doldrums of summer--those days when your hands crave a project, but your mind is utterly at a loss. (Actually, your mind is probably just focused on making a fresh batch of iced tea, which is a brilliant thing to be thinking about. Do not get in the way of that.)

I think I have just the solution for our yarn-related malaise: an inspirational party, complete with projects, a talented designer telling her stories, and cool, refreshing mocktails to sip throughout.

Socktails, Mocktails, & Shawls

Thursday, July 18

4 to 6 pm

This is a Private Event with a limited seating, so connect with your knitting buddies and reserve seats now. Your investment is $20/seat and I promise you'll love the swag bag.

The talented Crystal Hiatt of Factory Girl Design will be center stage to talk about her fabulous sock and shawl designs and where she finds her inspiration. Her recent book, Socktails, Mocktails & Cocktails will be available for order and her just-released collection of five individual shawl patterns--Summer Shawls and Sips--will also be in the house. 

The shop floor will be set with tables for four, so if you want to fill a table, please do so. If you're coming solo, it will be a great chance to meet fellow knitters as you sip and listen and shop. 

Yarnology will be chock full of Crystal's samples, we'll be serving two of her favorite mocktails as a perfect way to wind down your Thursday, and we've timed things so you can easily make dinner plans afterward.

Photo Credit: Factory Girl Design

Meet Crystal Hiatt. She's brilliant, she's approachable, she's about to become your new bestie. 

Come hang out with a designer, and get inspired! 

And, if you're on pins and needles about last week's promise to teach my lovely "great kiddos" to crochet, let me ease your heart. We laughed a lot, not a single tear was shed, we got pretty darned good at single crochet...and we need to schedule another session. A whole afternoon did not see us to the end of our Woobles. I am impressed with the attention to detail and the thoughtfulness of the video tutorials. I am also looking very forward to another afternoon with my new crochet club.

If you're anywhere near Winona, Minnesota, I hope to see you next Thursday!