Are You Woobling?

“Spontaneity is being present in the present.”

-- Wei Wu Wei

Dear One,

My "greatkids" are in the area this week. (I don't have grandkids, but my brother does, so--for my sister and I--these two are The Greats.) Both kiddos are smart and funny and passionate about lots of things. It's usually easy to fill the days of their summer visit with hiking and insect research and painting the dog's toenails and cooking weird things over a firepit. 

But the forecast is not on our side this week. It includes rain and storminess and that means that some of our time must be spent indoors. Sigh. 

These two are good at jigsaw puzzles...and interested in cooking...but I think I will also introduce them to Woobles. Because woobling might be a great indoor adventure this week.

What are Woobles, you ask? They are well-designed, all inclusive crochet creature kits designed especially for beginners. Even total beginners. Even people who don't know which end of a crochet hook is the smart end. Each kit comes with everything the new crocheter will need to complete the creature. Even the stuffing. Even the eyes. Even the links to calm, lovely video skill tutorials. 

Take Fred the Dinosaur, for instance. He's a favorite around the shop and I'm secretly hoping that at least one of The Greats chooses him. Who can resist that gorgeously knobby tail?

If you, too, will be hanging out with cool kids this summer, check out our Woobles options. None of you need to be skilled and all will have fun.

Note: The Woobles website says they are officially recommended for 12 years and up. But then they proclaim that many 8-12 year-olds have loved creating Woobles. So, I think it depends on the kiddo. The Greats are right in that range, so I'm going to plunge in.

And before I wish you a wonderful week, let me also remind you that the shop will be 

closed on Thursday, July 4.

Regular hours the rest of the week, so pop in before or after the holiday!

May the coming week be filled with both indoor and outdoor adventures (one of which may need to be painting the dog's toenails.) 



Fabulous Dates to Add to Your Calendar 😎:

  • July 4 -- Shop Closed
  • July 12-13 -- Crazy Days in Downtown Winona
  • July 18 -- Socktails, Mocktails, & Shawls Special Event--4 to 6pm--Pre-registration required--more info to come soon
  • August 8 -- Jul Closures Event: Styling your Knitwear Like a Pro--4 to 6pm--pre-registration required--more info to come